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WE HAD SUCH A GREAT TIME ON THE RED CARPET!!!  Be sure to stay tuned for upcoming event announcements to join us next time!
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Anna Dowe

Bestselling Author of' Bent Not Broken. Finding Your Passion, Power and Purpose.  A Family's Guidebook To Surviving PTSD'

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Add The Art of A.R.C. to the list of books that you should read every year!  With the lack of personal communication in our modern times it can be easy to make the basics complex, but The Art of A.R.C. reminds us that our personal connections should always be nurtured if we are truly intentional about success.  


In her book, C-A Washington not only provides focus to young professionals growing their careers, but also reignites the flames of seasoned professionals inspiring us all to transcend the obstacles that we put in our own way.  Life changing and perspective polishing book!

Tanisha Hopson.jpg

Tanisha Hopson

Optimal Living Magazine, Editor-in-Chief

Washington, DC

Most well dressed and groomed people have one thing in common. They take the time to prepare themselves properly before presenting themselves to the world. Well, this book goes much deeper. The Art of the A.R.C. goes far and beyond the call of duty to share successful career strategies for professionals from multiple generations in today’s workplace, with civility, style and shear genius! I highly recommend this read!


Linda Washington

President and CEO, The Washington Consulting Team and former Assistant Secretary of Administration for the United States Department of Transportation

Washington, DC

This book is very timely and greatly needed in today’s world where standards of excellence seem to have fallen by the wayside.  C-A Washington provides concrete, practical steps for enhancing you personally and your career.  If you are in pursuit of excellence (and we all should be), this is a must read. 

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