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Looking to Kick your next event up a notch?


Want to add a unique element to your next training event or conference?


Planning an event for technical professionals, medical staff, entrepreneurs or individuals in sales?  


Look no further! 

C-A Washington delights audiences with the right mix of humor and insight to handle tough topics with practical solutions that audiences can begin implementing right away for better results and improved relationships.


Popular Speaking & Training Topics:


- The keys to credibility: Tools to clinch new opportunities outside of your current career path


- Does this make my butt look big?.... and many other erroneous questions when pondering your image


- Leadership & influence without the business degree


- The art of appearance, relationships, and credibility for new leaders


- Brand building for talent acquisition and HR professionals


- The Art of Image for geeks and technical professionals


- Branding & social expansion for introverts


- The power of Command when eyeing the corner office


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