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"it only takes

seventeen seconds to make a first impression. what does yours say?

C-A Washington
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Did you just read the quote above and immediately begin to wonder how you are holding yourself back with fear and self-doubt?  Do you constantly feel like there's got to be more of a wow factor out there in return for all the hours of hard work that you put in each day?  If so, please, please don't just sit back and give up!  Life is TOO SHORT and you are TOO SMART to just let everyone else have all the fun. 


Whether you're looking for a strategic path to career advancement, techniques to remain relevant after several years of service, or just a few subtle techniques to bring more of your true self to the workplace, look no further!  C-A Washington is the founder of the Image & Etiquette Institute, the country's premier source for professional branding, organizational etiquette, and political savvy in the workplace. 


You can have ALL of these things with just two simple decisions: a commitment to get started and the courage to stay the course.  Sound good?  Great!  To do this you need to understand your values and desires well enough to establish a personal and unique brand that sets you apart, while honoring who you REALLY are.  Sound exciting?  Let's Connect and discuss how some accountability and encouragement can make this one of the most rewarding journeys you take in your career.


Thanks so much for visiting and I look forward to connecting with you soon!

C-A  Washington


Barry Spilchuk.jpg

Barry Spilchuk

​Coauthor of A Cup of Chicken Soup for the Soul 

Toronto, Canada


Whether it’s to attract your dream mate, your dream job or your dream client, face it - appearances are important. As a speaker, C-A Washington shares with you how to create that initial “wow” that will have people noticing you - and more importantly - she shows you how to strengthen the relationship once you have their attention. The quality of your life and business are based on the strength of your relationships. C-A gives you a head start in getting the initial attention and then shows you how to enhance your relationships so you can live the life you have imagined.

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